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The comprehensive, simple and effective Security Service Edge Platform.


ZTEdge is a cloud-delivered Security Service Edge (SSE) platform that cuts complexity, reduces cyber-risk, and improves performance, for enterprises of all sizes.

ZTEdge Web Isolation applies granular group or category-based policies that block users from uploading all or specific types of content from their devices or organisation networks to websites and/or attaching files to emails. It has helped several organisations successfully pass their TPN assessments.

Designed with simplicity in mind and operating at the cloud edge, the platform is flexible to evolve as your business grows and transitions to the cloud.


Check out this case study to learn how Jellyfish Pictures is using RBI to simplify their TPN program and improve their employees’ productivity.

“We have used several different products to try to get around the limitations on internet use, but there were always performance-level issues. For example, the audio did not work correctly, or when you were scrolling, the frame rate was really jagged. Users basically felt like they were being held back as they browsed. That’s what we needed to solve.”

Jeremy Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Jellyfish Pictures.

Manufactured by Ericom

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