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Chaos Player

A professional image sequence player designed for fast and smooth playback.

Chaos Player

Fast-forward your digital review workflow with Chaos Player. Play back your own or your team’s animation output as soon as rendering is complete. Review new and updated frames in an instant. Chaos Player also lets you perform basic compositing, colour grading, and editing in real-time, even while playback is running. And so much more.

Chaos Player, update 1 is here.

Manage your projects even better with contact sheets. Easily review and choose between sequence versions, and ensure that your render elements contain all the necessary image data.

Save time and work with Chaos Player even more intuitively thanks to all the enhancements that update 1 introduces.


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“An exceptional image sequence player and viewer supporting industry standard image formats. It has built in tools for colour-correction, stereoscopic playback, composition prototyping, among other features.”