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DreamScape is an integrated set of tools designed to create dynamic natural scenery within 3ds Max.


Within the package are three distinct and powerful components for the construction of your virtual worlds that have been folded together into one seamless product: Terrain (called Terra), Sky and Sea.

Sea Surface
Procedural wave generation with adaptive geometry based on the camera position and FOV. Create a realistic sea with optimized geometry.

Sea Material with built-in reflection and refraction that does not require any 3rd party renderer.

Create realistic wakes that reflect and refract, foam from wakes or objects and calculate buoyant and gravitational forces acting on an object.

It is based on the physical properties of Earth’s atmosphere that include different light scattering types, atmosphere density falloff with the height, haze, rainbow, sunglow and more.

Various types of procedural clouds such as Stratus and Cirrus include control over density, color, coverage and light scattering.

It is a combination of direct sunlight and indirect illumination coming from Earth’s atmosphere which provides realistic illumination even with the Scanline renderer.

Apply textures depending on the terrain elevation and/or slope. Perfect for snowy mountain tops.

DreamScape Terra includes fast built-in height-field rendering that is capable of producing preview renderings in the shortest amount of time.

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Manufactured by Sitni Sati

Video Overview

Dreamscape Ocean and Sky


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